Ryes War Cemetery, Bazenville


Country: France

Locality: Calvados

Identified Casualties: 869

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Cemetery Location

Bazenville is a village 8 kilometres east of Bayeux. Leave Bayeux on the D12 to the east; at the village of Sommervieu carry straight on, following the D112, and after 3 kilometres turn right onto the D87. After climbing round a bend to the left, the cemetery will be found on the left hand side.

Cemetery Information

The cemetery was started on 8th June 1944, following the 50th (Northumbrian) Division landing on nearby Gold Beach on D Day, and reflects the fighting that took place in this area on 6th June 1944, and the subsequent advance beyond Bayeux. Rear echelon troops who died on or near the beach-head following D Day are also buried here, along with a large number of Naval and Merchant Navy personnel. Some soldiers buried here are recorded as having died of wounds, so it is likely there was an Advanced Dressing Station in Bazenville at some point.

WW2 Graves

The graves here are from fighting for Gold Beach and operations around Bayeux. It is known that a Dressing Station operated here, and there are many graves of men who died of wounds.

The breakdown of graves is:

British - 630
Canadian - 21
Australian - 1
Polish - 1
German - 326

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